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june 2010 | nº 02
  Paris it is worth while a Mass! 1610: the dedication of the Medici to Henry IV King of France and Navarra
Florence, Museum of the Cappelle Medicee, 15th July - 2nd November 2010
Roberto Cantini

In the whole Europe, Florence only keeps real memories of the solemn funeral of a king murdered 400 years ago: Henry IV King of France and of Navarra, husband of the Queen Maria dé Medici, cousin of Cosimo II. In fact on May 14 th 1610 Henry IV was murdered in Paris: a deep tragedy that modified the weak agreements of France and of the whole Europe at that time. The news of this event reached Florence after nine days and the young Cosimo II arranged for a magnificent and sumptuous funeral with the political aim to underline the importance of the little Grand Duke of Tuscany among the great European states.

For this special event San Lorenzo, the church of the Medici family, was transformed into a suggestive and solemn way according to the project by Giulio Parigi.

In the church hundreds of candles gave light to the beauty of the place and of the many works of art that were inside, and especially there were 26 great paintings that represented the life and the events of Henry IV. Out of the 26 works 19 are the heart of the exhibition now in course at the Cappelle Medicee in Florence.

Visitors can admire during the path of the exhibition the various documents concerning the relations between France and Florence, documents regarding the marriage of 1600, celebrating medals of the grand dukes of Tuscany with the genealogical tree of the Medici, portraits of Henry IV and of Maria in painting and sculpture.

In a few words we can suggest not to lose this occasion to see this important and unique exhibition in a wonderful place like the Medici Chapels in Florence.

Info: Firenze Musei (Florence Museums)
phone 055 294883

Pieter Paul Rubens, Maria de' Medici Landing at Marseille, oil on canvas, private collection Jacob Bunel, Portrait of Henry IV in the likeness of Mars, oil on canvas, Musée National du Château de Pau Remigio Cantagallina, The Siege of Paris, 1610, oil on canvas, Florence, Galleries Storage
Francesco Curradi, The Retreat of Caudebec, 1610, oil on canvas, Florence, Galleries Storage    
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