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october 2009 | nº 01
  The restoration of the south portion of the Sant'Antonino Cloister in the Museo di San Marco
Roberto Cantini

The recently restored south portion of the Sant'Antonino Cloister in the Museo di San Marco has been unveiled in this May 2010 by Cristina Acidini, supervisor of the «Polo Museale di Firenze», and Countess Simonetta Brandolini d'Adda President of the Friends of Florence Foundation that made possible with great generosity and effort these restorations. The two-year long (2008-2009) restoration of the south side of the cloister, financed by the Friends of Florence Foundation, ecompassed the frescoed lunettes with Scenes from the Life and Miracles of Saint Antoninus, the medallions on the spandrels with Portraits of Illustrious Dominicans and all the pietra serena stonework (columns, capitals, portals).

This fresco cycle is one of the most significant examples of post-Counter Reformation Florentine art. It was commissioned by the Dominican Order to celebrate Saint Anontinius, one of the order's most illustrious members, who had served as Prior of the San Marco Monastery and then as archbishop of Florence. The work was started in 1602 with Bernardino Poccetti, one of the most finest Florentine historia, or scene, painters who was then flanked by other artists such as Ludovico Buti, Alessandro Tiarini, Lorenzo Cerrini, and Michele Cinganelli. After Poccetti's death other artists, including Giovanbattista Vanni worked on the frescoes to complete the project in 1692/93.

The medallions with the Dominican friars comprise an interesting portrait gallery from the historic and iconographic standpoints. In addition to enhancing the stability of important architectural elements dating from the Renaissance, the restoration of the fifteenth century capitals has made it possible to ascertain that they were not always simply gray…

Restoration work on the cloister is proceeding on the east side, thanks to the continued dedication of the Friends of Florence Foundation, and will be completed in 2011. We hope that the entire cloister will be restored in the not too distant future.

Sant'Antonino Cloister in the Museo di San Marco Bernardino Poccetti - St. Antonino is made Archbishop of Florence, 1608 - 1609 | Fresco 250x412 Alessandro Tiarini - The restoration of the San Marco church and monastery, between 1602 - 1606 | Fresco 230x386
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